• DREAM Coalition - Chris Kershner Gives Opening Remarks at Press Conference
  • Introduction of DREAM Coalition Members
  • DREAM Coalition - Phil Parker Outlines the Chamber's Position on Marijuana Legalization
  • DREAM Coalition Chair, Kevin Burch, Addresses Potential Impact on Logistics
  • DREAM Coalition - Sheriff Phil Plummer Gives Law Enforcement's Perspective
  • DREAM Coalition - Jewell Good Speaks on Behavioral Health & Marijuana Legalization

Ask yourself:

“Are 5 million Ohio jobs worth lining the pockets of 10 people?”

  The DREAM coalition is an organized coalition of employers, associations, organizations and public officials against marijuana usage in the Dayton region and Ohio; and against special interest monopolies governing free enterprise.

 DREAM will manage a grass roots campaign in Southwest Ohio that is opposed to the proposed “Responsible Ohio” initiated Constitutional Amendment, which will be considered on the November 3, 2015 ballot. 

 DREAM will work with employers, employees and voters to ensure they are educated as to the negative ramifications of marijuana legalization and the direct impact it will have on the community and jobs.   The proposed marijuana legalization amendment would insert a monopoly for 10 growers into the Ohio Constitution and if passed, could be detrimental to businesses, employers, employees and families in the Dayton region.

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