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Transportation Review and Advisory Council
Southwest Ohio Hearing
September 25, 2014

Phil Parker, President & CEO of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, addressed the Transportation Review and Advisory Council (TRAC) on two key projects critical to the Dayton region.

#1 - MOT-35 Widening

This is a project that is critical to freight and commuter traffic in the Dayton region.  As the center city's most significant "East - West thoroughfare," this is a vital stretch of highway that sees over 75,000 vehicles per day.  MOT-35 connects downtown Dayton with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the state's largest single-site employer with over 27,000 employees and a $4.4 billion annual economic impact on Ohio's economy.

#2 - I-70/I-75 Logistics

The Dayton region has become the most recent home to Fortune 50 company, P&G.  P&G has constructed a $90 million, 43 acre facility near the Dayton International Airport.  This facility is going to serve one of six distribution centers in North America.  Once fully operational in 2015, this facility will serve an average of 700 trucks and over 800 employees daily.  The I-70/I-75 Logistics project will expand US Route 40 and the interchange at US Route 40 to accommodate over 3,000 new anticipated vahicles daily.  This is not a "build it and the jobs will come" project.  The jobs and the trucks are here, and now we need the infrastructure to support it.

I encourage the TRAC to consider advancing this project to Tier 1 status.

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